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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Extra cookies...

When I donate blood, I listen to, Keith and the Girl!

Ok, so I donated blood today and for some reason the juice just was not flowing so I had to get stuck in both arms for them to get the amount that they needed. It was not a big deal and I got Nutter Butters out of it, which is really cool because I am normally not allowed to have such delectable treats. On my way out of the blood-mobile, I stole a bag of Oreos too. I figured I earned it for going the extra mile. Plus, I'm sure eating Oreos is one of the healthiest ways for my body to recover from giving my life-fluid. Now it's time for some coffee.

Alright, if you're not totally grossed out and are still reading this nonsense, I'll move along to my next topic, The 1st Place Boston Red Sox.

It turned out The Spankees and the O's both lost last night, giving The Sox sole possession of 1st Place by 1/2 a game. I'll take it. The Sox are putting a beating on The Devil Dogs to the tune of 9-2 in the bottom of the 7th, while the O's and Twinkies are tied in the 8th. It would be nice if the Spankees could lose again tonight (duh.)

Lets hope the bats stay strong tomorrow as The Sox head out to Chicago to play 4 against the other 1st Place Sox. Unlike The Red Sox, The Other Sox really own 1st place, with a 12 game lead over the 2nd place Twinkies. Must be nice. I'd like to see the Sox start to put some distance between themselves and the O's and MFY. You've got to start somewhere.  1/2  a game will hopefully become 1.5, then take it from there. One game at a time.

Switching gears slightly, I could not help but feel a little sad to see Alan Embree designated for assignment. It's too bad he could'nt pull things together this year but he had become a heart-attack waiting to happen with every outing. Every time Embree came trotting out of the bullpen I would roll my eyes and say, "Ok, here we go. Come on Chaw..."

I'll always apprecitate Embree for what he did with The Sox over the past few years, especially in the playoffs last year. Plus, the guy's a Chris LeDoux fan, so that right there makes me like him. I'm sure Embree is bummed out about this desision but it had to be done. He was part of something special and he'll always be able to look down and appreciate that fancy ring on his finger. No matter what happens that Sox Championship Ring is something they can never take away from him. Good luck Alan.

"In Theo We Trust"

The Sox won, the O's lost. Texas, now it's your turn.


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