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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Finally an uneventful game...

2 outs bottom of the 9th with the Sox leading 4-1. Finally an uneventful game for The Red Sox. Tim Wakefield was solid through the 8th, which was great to see. As had been explained by our intrepid Sox broadcasters, the bullpen needed a starter to go deep in the game.

Speaking of the broadcasters, did they all get together for a few pops before this game? Jerry Trupiano was acting really goofy during his radio call, making all kinds of silly comments and bumbling over a couple of promos. One of the silliest exchanges I've heard in a while started during one of Joe and Jerry's usual tangents between pitches, when they somehow got onto the topic of the air conditioned Tropicana Field.

"You know air conditioning can dry out your skin. Better use some skin lotion," Trup cracked.

Ok. It does not sound too funny right now. Guess you had to be there.

Then when I got home, I started watching the game on TV and Orsillo and Remdawg were acting kind of funny too, with Remdawg showing his x-rays from some recent dental work he had.

Silly broadcasters...

Meanwhile, here we are still in the bottom of the 9th. The Sox still have the 4-1 lead but Shilling has the bases loaded.

Damn these Devil Rays have become a pesky team.

0-2 to Crawford and he's fouling off pitches all over.

Crawford grounds to 1st and Olerud tags the base for the out. Thank you.

Hey 7:13 PM and the game is done. I kinda like this!


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