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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Handling the press, not the other way around...

Last night after the Red Sox game I watched Terry Francona's press conference. The jackals in the press must have asked the same question 10 different ways. Even as the frustrated Francona stated that he's gone over the Manny situation 'about 9000 times', the press bitches just kept at it. Francona even started to mock the press and began counting, '9002...' as they continued to ask the same question over and over.

When his press conference ended, Francona jumped up and got out of there as quick as he could. He seemed so annoyed, he practically tipped over his chair in his rush to get away from the press bastards. Who can blame him? I like Francona but I think he could use a few lessons from Bill Belichick on how to handle the press and not let them handle you.

Take for example the ongoing situation with Richard Seymour sitting out The Pats training camp. The Press have latched onto the issue and it's now a daily, ongoing question for Belichick. From Felger's story in the Herald, here's a quick sampling how the state of the art team in football deals with the press bitches:

``Here's what we'll do - you don't need to ask the questions every day,'' said an irritated Belichick. ``If there is something, I will lead right off with it and I'll tell you right off the bat. But right now, I'm focused on the players that are here . . . and I have no news to report at this time.''

Talk about a bitch slapping somebody in the nicest way possible. Heh.

I love the way Belichick stomps on the press but it's not just the Head Coach, it's the whole team. The Patriots Organization as a whole owns the press the same way they own Peyton Manning. When the press jackals don't get the answer they want out of Belichick, they descend on The Patriots players... and still get nothing.

Willie McGinist, in a quote from the same story regarding Seymour, slaps down the press like an annoying horsefly that's been buzzing around his head a little too long:

"The players continued to play it close to the vest, even those, like Willie McGinest, who are close to Seymour and talk to him regularly. ``He's doing what he has to do and we're doing what we have to do,'' said McGinest. ``It's only been two days.''



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You gotta love Belichick. He may be one of the most boring, monotoned coaches in the NFL, but he tells it as it is, and you gotta like him for that.

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