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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I just don't get it...

Today on the way to work, there were not one, but two accidents / fender benders / whatever you want to call them, where the cars were stopped in the hammer lane. No one was hurt, no twisted metal and wreckage, just 2 cars sitting in the far left lane while people exchanged insurance papers and looked at their bumpers to see if there was a scratch. I know these details because instead of speeding by them at 75 MPH as I would normally do if they were in the breakdown lane, I crawled by them at 3 miles per hour since they were blocking the passing lane of a major highway.

I was pissed off and annoyed when I encountered the first one, but then when I encountered a second accident with people standing around exchanging info in the passing lane, I actually suprised myself because I did not think that even someone as fluent in the F-Word as I am I could string that many F-bombs together in one sentence.

WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY do people stop in the middle of the highway when they have a fender bender?? WHHHYYYYYYYY!!!??? JEZUS! As if my commute is not long enough, you've got to tack another 1/2 hour to it with your idiot-ness?? WHAT THE FUCK!

Ok. Vent over.


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