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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Manny bein' Manny

This whole thing with Manny wanting a trade and taking a night off, even after being asked by Francona to play, does not bother me. Maybe it should but I really don't care that much. It kinda bugs me a little but not enough to get all riled up over.

Manny's request to be traded is just ridiculous. Did he forget the Red Sox tried to give him away last year and there were no takers? Who does he think Theo is going to trade him to? Trade him for who? What team is going to take him with that insane salary? Nobody.

As far as his not playing today because he needed a day off, do I think it's kind of lame? Well yeah, but he does this kind of junk every year. It's nothing new. I guess I don't get in a twist over his antics anymore.

Like it or not, Manny is not going anywhere. At least for another 3 years anyway...


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