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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Scoreboard watching...

The Sox picked up the win tonight against Tampa Bay, 5-2.

Arroyo was solid (that's my new word, in case you can't tell, 'solid'.) Timlin and Cora combined to make made a nice play to pick a man off at 2nd. Shilling looked good tonight in the closer role. It's nice to see him throwing in the 90's.

Watching the scoreboard, Yankees / Rangers are tied and The O's have the 1 run lead in their game vs. the Twinkies... doesn't sound like there'll be much change in the standings tonight but I'll keep my fingers crossed for a Texas win. Hopefully they can beat up on the MFY bullpen...

I want to hear about these trades the Sox made recently but I can't keep my eyelids open. I'll have to read about them tomorrow.


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ahh, i had to lay my other blog to rest cuz I just wasn't keeping up with it. I think I only had 2 readers, anyway.
That Yankees series was a doozie, huh? Lets hope we can stay on top a bit longer! I'd rather be 2nd place to the O's than the MFY's!
Hope you're doing well!

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