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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Technology is against me...

Lately it seems like all my gadgets are against me.

My computer crashed for the first time in about 3 years last night. It probably had to do with the fact that I have hardly any space left on my drive and I was running about 5 apps at the same time. I'm guessing my computer ran out of virtual memory and went belly up.

My computer came back to life but some of my settings got all effed up and my iTunes database got trashed. All my songs were still there but I lost all my playlists which was a major bummer.

So I need to get a new, bigger drive but I'm having trouble prying open my wallet. It has to be done but I'm stalling. I tried going through and deleting some songs to make room but I only freed up about 800 MB of space. It's too hard to part with my tunes!

I could also use another 512 MB of RAM too but the drive will have to come first. An 80GB drive costs about $200.00. Money is tight right now and my Anniversary is around the corner. That takes priority over a computer drive.

I've been very annoyed with my .Mac account lately. I've added a bunch of bookmarks to my online bookmarks file but the damn things will not sync with my computer and get added to my local Safari bookmarks. It's pissing me off! It all worked fine in Mac OS 10.3.9. I'm wondering if Sync is broken in 10.4.1 or something. Either way, I'm not going to be renewing .Mac. It's expensive and I don't use half the services. The one thing I use everyday is the Bookmark sync and if that's not working, it's just not worth it.

I was very sad to see that 'unkymoods' seems to have disappeared. I just found that site a few weeks ago and really liked all the different moods you could display on your blog. Now unkymoods.com just has a godaddy parked page. I hope it's not gone forever but it doesn't look good.

I've been wicked busy at work. Things are just nuts and half the people are on vacation, making it a lot worse. Thank god it is Friday tomorrow. Why do the short weeks always seem to be the longest to get through? Overall work has been 'ok' lately. I'm trying not to let stuff bother me and just go with the flow. I posted my resume online on Monster. Maybe I'll get a hit or two...

I've been getting into Podcasts lately. I heard about them a few months ago on a Soxaholix post but never got into them. It was too hard to find ones that I liked. Now that you can find them right in iTunes, it is real easy to find interesting Podcasts. So far my favorites are The Daily Sourcecode, Accident Hash and 5 Minutes with Wichita.

I made an area for Podcasts in my link area.

I would like to try to do a Podcast someday. Maybe I could do it on my hour long drive to work. It could be called The Commuter Hell Podcast and I could talk about all the near accidents I witness on an almost daily basis. I could be like a play by play announcer for Rt 495.

Hows this sound?

"Oh, look at that! That person nearly got killed by that lady in the SUV talking on her phone!"


"Why are we stopping? Oh, accident on the other side of the highway. Carnage. Very interesting. Everyone stop and look."

I'd need to get recording equipment and somewhere to record the files first. Another reason to get that new hard drive I guess... First things first.


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