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Sunday, July 31, 2005

TGIF: Thank God it's Football... Jon Papelbon's MLB debut... Christmas in July

The Pats have been in camp for 2 1/2 days and they're already getting pissed and feeling disrepected. When asked about how The Patriots' outside linebackers will deal with the loss of their Defensive Coordinator and their 2 starting inside linebackers, here's what Mike Vrabel had to say:

"When the coaches call for the first defense, eight guys don't run out there. Eleven do.''

Quotes like this one literally give me goose-bumps. Effin'-A I love The Patriots. I'm so glad that football is starting.

It's been raining on and off today so I've been watching the Patriots' 3 Games to Glory III DVD. I felt like I was going to float off my chair at some points as I watched The Patriots completely dominate The Colts in the Divisional Playoff game.

Later on in the day I was going to start watching the AFC Playoff game vs. Pittsburg but I got sucked into watching Jon Papelbon's 1st outing in the majors for The Red Sox instead. He's given up a solo homer but other than that, has been very impressive so far. He struck out his first 2 batters and then got the 3rd to pop up for a 1-2-3 first inning. As he headed for the dugout he got a standing ovation from the Fenway Faithful. How's that for a way to start your first Major League ballgame? Pretty cool.

I was enjoying the baseball game until my kids woke up from their nap. I had promised them they could watch a video when they got up. They came downstairs and wanted to watch... 'Frosty the Snowman'. Unbelievable... I can't believe they want to watch a Christmas special in the middle of summer.

Looks like the sun's trying to come out so I'm going to head to the backyard and listen to Joe and Jerry on the radio.

When Frosty ended I put the Sox back on and found the Twins now have a 3-2 lead. What happened? Dammit...


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C'mon now. It's like less than six months until Christmas!!! Just think of the snow and cold!! ;) That's cute about your kids wanting to watch Frosty.

The Fenway Faithful were really behind the Red Sox today. That was really nice to see. Giving Papelbon a standing ovation, all the cheers and the standing ovation when Manny came to pinch hit (that gave me chills right there). It only seemed right that he would hit the ball and bring in the game-winning run. I may have had some mixed emotions about Manny this past week with all that's been said about him, but when he hit that ball drove in Renteria, I knew right then that I was glad he was still a member of the Red Sox.

VERY excited to see the Pats in camp as well-I really miss the trash talk...

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