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Friday, August 26, 2005

Bad start for Shilling, Pats pre-season game 3...

Hey everybody,

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been kinda busy catching up with work crap and getting everything cleaned up and put away from my camping trip. I had over 500 e-mails to delete read when I got back to work yesterday, plus the normal barrage of disasters. Yay. At least it was a short week for me.

I can't believe how poorly The Red Sox performed on this road trip, especially losing 2 of 3 to the worst fucking team in baseball. The Sox really blew a great opportunity to put some distance between them and the MFY this past week. I guess they want to just keep things interesting till the end of September for us.

I keep telling myself that I should not be so upset about the current state of the Red Sox, since they still have the [slim] lead in the East, as opposed to fighting for a Wild-Card spot, which is the position the Sox are usually in this time of year, but after Shilling's performance last night, I have a sense of impending doom deep down in my gut.

I am admittedly bi-polar when it comes to the Red Sox though, so if they kick some ass this week while the Spankees, hopefully, lose a few, things will be sunny and happy again, but in the meantime I'm gonna be all, fuck fuck fuckity-fuck annoyed.

The Pats play meaningless pre-season game # 3 tonight against the Green Bay Packers. This game stirs up some memories of the last game of the 2002-2003 season. On the day of the game, I happened to have a bunch of my wife's relatives over the house who were full-blown Cheese-Heads so I cooked up some chili and went out and got a bunch of Wachusett Country Ales. The AFC East Title was on the line that day and it was either going to be The Pats or the Jets walking away with the division and a trip to the playoffs. The Pats needed a win and a Jets loss to get into the playoffs. All the Jets had to do was win and they were in and The Pats were out.

During the Pats / 'Fins game, I wound up putting on quite a display for the relatives, jumping around my living room, yelling and cursing at the TV and generally acting like a maniac as the Pats came back in the 4th Quarter and beat the Dolphins on an Adam Vinatieri overtime kick. They were all set up for the AFC East Championship. All that had to happen was for Green Bay to beat The Jets in The 4:00 game.

The Cheese-Head relatives smiled at me and were all, "You're set dude! Farve's gonna crush the Jets. No problem." They had such confidence, so Yay! I was all smiley and sunny-happy too! These Green Bay fans must know what they're talking about since they've watched them all year, right? The Pats were set! Here we come playoffs!

As we all know, The Packers had their playoff berth already locked up at that point and it turned out that Brett Far-v-re didn't really feel like playing that day.

Things did not go well for Green Bay in the 1st half of the game and they were down by 4 at halftime, 14-10. It was not an insurmountable lead but I was starting to get a little agitated and I turned to the Cheese-Heads and was like, "What's goin' on with your boy Farve here. He looks like shit. You know we're counting on him to win this game..." and they said, "Don't worry about it. It's Brett Farve. They're only down by 4. Green Bay will come back strong in the 2nd half. No problem."


Well it turned out that Brett and the boyz played like crap in the 2nd half of the game too and got their asses handed to them by The Jets. As the game wore on to the end and things got more and more out of hand for Green Bay, I horrified my Cheese-Head wearing relatives by shouting "NO HEART, NO FUCKING HEART!!!" at Brett Farve's image on the TV. Then, turning to look them in the eyes, I yelled, "BRETT FARVE HAS NO FUCKING HEART!! HE SUCKS! All you Cheese-Heads, GET OUT of my house!!"

The Cheese-Heads were totally shocked. They had never heard anyone talk about Brett Farve that way and were completely flabbergasted. Welcome to New England Cheese-Heads... Thankfully my wife stepped in and calmed things down, telling her relatives they didn't have to leave and that I didn't normally act like a lunatic.

The Jets won the game and the AFC East, beating Green Bay and a heartless Brett Farve 42-17. The Pats missed the playoffs. To this day the Cheese-Head relatives still can't believe that I actually told them that Brett Farve has no heart (and I have'nt changed my mind about it either..)

Back to the here and now. Of all the pre-season games, # 3 is generally considered to be the closest thing to a game that counts for something. We should get a good look at most of the starters tonight. I'll be flipping back and forth between The Pats and The Sox. Feel free to chat me up if you want to and if anybody wants to try that Google Talk thing, let me know and I'll send you an invite...


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It broke my heart too - especially after Bill Parcells had no fucking heart in the Super Bowl which allowed the Packers to womp on us in the second half! You could see it in his eyes - he didn't fucking care - I have never liked the man since.

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