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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

bags under my eyes...

I'm very tired today after staying up to watch the entire Red Sox game last night, a game that never should have gone into extra innings but did none-the-less. Thankfully, after committing some costly errors earlier in the game, Edgah Rrrrrrenarrrria (rolls tounge like the announcer at Fenway does) rrrrrrredeemed himself with a game-winning hit so we could all, mercifully, get some sleep.

Adding to my tiredness, my children are now at the stage where they can go to the bathroom on their own. Hooray! Except that they now like to make an announcement to the world when they have accomplished this feat, even if it is 3 AM. Ohhhhh... Plus, they sometimes get to wondering where a particular toy is at 3 AM and wander around the house looking for it shouting "MOMMMM! DAAADD!! I CANT FIND MY [whatever the fuck it is]!!!!"


The MFY lost earlier today, 2-1. Thank you, Chicago. So, hopefully the lanky-one can get the win for the Sox tonight and widen the gap to 5.5 games.


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Yikes, sorry BW. But at least yours actually get up to use the bathroom. My daughter, who is now 4, is perfectly content to just wet her bed, so we had to put her back in pullups at night. Damn, and I thought we were finally done with diapers...

I hear ya there! Just when I thought we saw the light at the end of the tunnel, now I've got at least another 3 years of dang diapers to look forward to! It's ok though. They're worth it :-)

As far as the sleep depravation goes, I tell my wife I will have my revenge in a few years when I get to wake them up for school every morning ;-)

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