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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

New England Patriots iCal calendar...

A reader recently asked me if I knew where to get a Patriots schedule for iCal. I've been looking around and have not been able to find one, so I just made one myself.

There is a link to download it over there on your right. Feel free to download it and enjoy! It's a standard .ics file so you can use it in iCal and you should be able to use it in Outlook without a problem.

iCal users, you can subscribe to the calendar by going to your Calendar Menu and picking Subscribe. Just copy in this URL and you should be set.


You can also share it on your own site as well if you wish. I only ask that you give me credit or a link or something if you do. Thanks!

I will be updating it as the season goes on with the final scores, hopefully all wins for The Pats :-)


Update: I've been updating the calendar with the wins and losses and then uploading it, replacing the old one. Let me know if you are subscribed and not getting the updates, (or if you're having any other problems (with iCal that is. Your personal life is your own problem. Heh.)) Also, I realized when I originally uploaded the file, it's name was in uppercase, which can cause problems. I uploaded a new file with all lowercase letters in the name.


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Tada! Here's the "official" one:



Hi Nick!

Thanks for posting that iCal info but when I subscribe that one it is still last season's Pats schedule. Apple has not posted a new one with this year's schedule yet (at least that I could find!)

In the meantime, feel free to use the one I made if you would like!

Thanks for stopping by and posting. I appreciate it!

Thanks :-)

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