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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Pats look good in game 3, The Sox... Not so much

The Patriots looked sharp in their regular season dress rehersal last night, crushing the Packers 27-3. The Packers shot themselves in the foot quite a bit last night with penalties and such so it's hard to gauge how much of that factored in to making The Pats look better than they may actually be.

All in all though, I thought they got good pressure on Farve, who threw a lot of errant passes. The corners and safteys seem to be set. I think Bill Belichick is going to have a hard time making cuts in the defensive backfield. There's a lot of good players back there. The Pats seemed a little up and down with defending Green Bay's run game, but most of the time they seemed to hold Green Bay's running backs in check. Right now, the run defense is the only area that I have some concerns with but I have full confidence that by the time the real games start, things will be set.

Earlier in the day, a friend at work said that he had heard that Tedy Bruschi may be manning the sidelines in a semi-coaching role. I was looking for him but I did not see or hear about this happening. Maybe he was there and I missed it... I think it would be great to see Tedy take on this kind of a role during the season. I'm sure having him on the sidelines would be a big help in getting the new inside linebackers up to speed and with dealing with situations that come up during games.

I have a lot of confidence in our Offense. Brady and his receivers looked sharp. Corey Dillon and Kevin Faulk both looked primed and ready to carry the ball. There was a scary moment where David Givens appeared to be hurt after catching a touchdown but seemed to be ok later in the game. I let out a big sigh of relief there. We don't want to lose that guy, especially in a meaningless pre-season game!

Now that pre-season game #3 is over, I am officially sick of pre-season football and am ready for the real thing. There's one more pre-season game left for the guys on the bubble to show their stuff and try to make the team or at least get onto the practice squad.

The Sox won the game last night, barely. In trying to keep things in perspective, a loss would have obviously been worse, but that was one of the least enjoyable wins I've ever watched. At the end of the game I said to myself, "Thank god that one's over!"

Even though the Sox got the win, last night's game really gave me a lot of cause for concern about this team right now. The Tigers are not as bad as The Royals, but what does that mean? The Royals just took 2 out of 3 from us... These are the teams that we should be rolling over. Instead of stretching our lead in the division, we have allowed the Spankees to creep up closer and closer. Talk about blown opportunities...

I feel like our pitching is totally unreliable right now, up and down the line, from the starters right through to the closer. The only guy in the rotation that I have real confidence in right now is Clement. When he takes the mound, I always feel like we're going to get a win. When the other guys are in there, it's more like I'm hoping we can get a win.

Of course, this is all based purely on my own feelings. I'm sure if I were to look at the stats, things would be as bad as they seem. I've just got this lack of confidence in our pitching staff right now. The overall pitching inconsistency is troublesome...

If the Red Sox want to keep their AL East lead, they pretty much have to sweep Detroit this weekend, because, like Iain said, you know KC is going to get swept by the MFY. After this weekend we've got that pesky Tampa Bay team while the Spankees have Seattle. That is favorable for us, if we can finally take advantage for a change and win some of these series against weaker teams, teams we should be able to beat!


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