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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pats memory lane...

With the recent news of The Patriots releasing Rohan Davey and going with Matt Cassel in the 3rd QB spot, it made me think back to when Tom Brady 1st joined the team. Its funny to think back to that time when Drew was "THE MAN" and Tom wasn't even 3rd string. Remember, The Pats kept 4 QBs that year. When most teams just kept 3. Tom was #4, just trying to make the team, but Belichick saw 'something' in Brady and kept him around, using a precious roster spot on a 4th QB. A true diamond in the rough.

With everybody in Patriot Nation flipping out about Michael Bishop that year, there was Tom in the background. Think about it. Who knew?

I recall watching him back then in the pre-season thinking, this guy Brady seems pretty sharp. I think there's potential there. Of course I had no idea that I would someday come to revere the guy. Like I said, who knew??

What a great ride it's been for Pats fans. Remember to keep soaking it in gang. These are the glory days. One more dang pre-season game left. One week from tomorrow, it's the real thing.

I expect tomorrow's pre-season game to feature nothing but guys trying to make the team. I will actually be pissed if I see the starters take the field for more than 1 or 2 sets of downs.


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