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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Projection of positive thought...

So over the last few days, I've been thinking, I've been getting a little down on some of the Red Sox 'under performers', particularly Kevin Millar. Every time the guy came up to the plate I've been saying, "here we go, automatic out..." and I decided, you know what, instead of just being negative and thinking to myself that he's gonna whiff, or pop out, I'm going to think positive and root for the guy. Not only that, I am going to try and project this positive, you can do it attitude out to him. After all, I did take on the motto, "Keepin' it positive, All Summah long" this year.

So, last night, Kevin came up and I said to myself, "Ok. Come on Kevin, you can do it. I know you can!" WHACK! Hit hits one off the Monster. "Oh Yeah! Nice Job Kevin!!" I gave him a 1 man standing-O in my living room for emphasis.

Tonight, more of the same for Kevin, with 2 homers. Now some will tell you the wind helped him out, but I'm going to think the power of positive thought had something to do with it too! Next up Shilling, though I have a feeling he doesn't need my help. He's going to pull it together on his own. Wait and see.

On a side note, I can't believe tomorrow is Sept 1st. Fuck. Summah's ovah. Ok, technically it's still summer I guess, but when Labor Day arrives, lets face it, it's Fall. Not that I don't like Fall, it's just that this has been one of those 'special' summers for me, the kind that you remember for years afterwards, so it makes me a little sad to see it ending. Even so, I'm going to keep that positive attitude goin' strong.

Now, how about some help Seattle? We appreciated it last night. More of the same tonight please!


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It was you!!!! I knew it!!!!
(seriously, glad to see someone else out there likes to take the positive route)
how's the wife feeling, BW?

I am always happy to help out! ;-)

Thanks for asking about the wife FS, it is very nice of you to think of her :-)

She is starting to do much better now. She was feeling pretty rotten in the mornings but that is finally starting to end (we hope!). She had her 1st Dr. appt / check-up recently and everything is going good, which is good!

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