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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Tornadoes Baseball...

Last night my Wife and I had a nice night out and we went to see a Worcester Tornadoes game. As we arrived at Fitton Field, which is right next to Holy Cross College in Worcester, it started to lightly rain. It was pretty hot and muggy out so we did not mind it too much. It turned out to be a quick shower so thankfully the game was not stopped or delayed.

Our VIP section seats ($14.00 each) were very good. They were in the section right next to the visitors dugout and we were only about 5 rows back so the view was really nice. We could see all of the players and the action on the field very well.

They've done a really nice job with Fitton Field. The seats are comfortable, there's a wide concourse with lots of different types of beers and snacks, easy parking, and did I mention it's cheap? Of course, the baseball is not on the same level as MLB, but that's to be expected. It's still a fun, inexpensive night out. Spending a hot summer night at a ballpark watching a baseball game is what summertime is all about.

The crowd at the game was pretty good. Folks were not overly vocal in general, but when good things happened they would cheer and applaud loudly. One of the cool things the crowd at Tornadoes games seems to do, is when something good happens, everyone stomps their feet on the metal stadium flooring. This makes a very loud, Tornado-like, rumbling noise. Nice.

The game itself was great. The Tornadoes were playing the New Jersey Jackals. The Jackals took an early lead as the Tornadoes pitcher seemed to get behind in the count a lot, allowing men on base and giving up some singles and doubles that moved men along the bases and scored runs. Along with that, there were several costly errors on the Tornadoes part and they were down 7-2 at one point. As the teams went to their bullpens, things started to turn around. The Tornadoes pen was really good and David Byard pretty much put the clamp on the Jackals bats. At the same time, the Jackals pen allowed the Tornadoes to come back and they tied the game on a 3 run homer in the 9th. It was pretty cool.

The Jackals then got a go ahead run in extra innings but in the bottom of the 11th, The Tornadoes had two men on. The Batter, Keith Beauregard, came to the plate and hit a single to the 2nd baseman. It seemed like it would be an out but the 2nd baseman could not hold onto the ball. The error allowed the Tornadoes to score the winning runs. It was exciting and a lot of fun.

If you live in the Central Mass area, definitely check out a Tornadoes game before summer is over.


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