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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Vacation, happy to get away...

Hey what's up everybody! I'm back from my vacation with The Fam on Cape Cod. I still have one day left (to recover from my vacation) before I go back to work on Thur.

Relevant Vacation Stats:

Sox record: 2-3 - The Sox did not do well on my vacation, going 2-3. The standings have not changed much since I left, which is a shame because the Spankees lost several games this past week as well. The Red Sox could have made some hay on this trip and put a little more distance between themselves and the MFY. Oh well.

A lot of the games didn't start till 10:00 PM so I didn't get to listen to them (I was camping. No TV. Revel in the glory of radio.) Most of the time I had to wait for Gil Santos to tell me the results on WBZ's morning sports report. Sat and Sun the games started at 4 PM so I got to listen to those, which was nice.

Beers consumed: 16

Weight gained: I'm afraid to find out. I ate like total shit down there. Way too many fried clams and scallops and french fries and smores... ohhh. Now I know I'm going to pay. Big time.

Beach Days: 3

Hermit crabs captured: I lost track. At one point my kids had created a whole 'Hermit Crab Village' by digging a big hole in the sand and stocking it chock full with hermit crabs, which then had to be constantly policed, (lest they escape!)

Sunburns: 1 - but it was not too bad. Nothing killer. Just some minor discomfort when carrying children on my back.

Books read: 1 - I read most of Master and Commander. I'm not finished with it yet but I'm down to under 100 pages so I should be done with it soon. I have enjoyed reading this book a lot. I like stories that place fictional characters in an actual historical context and I'm also a big fan of stories involving ships at sea. After this I'll probably read 'The DaVinci Code'.

Fun had: Immeasurable. The weather was great the whole time. We went to Skackett Beach 2 days and Chapin Beach 1 day. One day we just stayed around the campground and relaxed. We only had one day where it rained. On that day, we went to a place called The Children's Museum, which is not really a 'museum' at all but is a big open room with loads of toys and interesting stuff to keep kids occupied.

Now we're back home. We were sad to leave the campground and our vacation behind but everybody is happy to be home, where you can take a real shower and watch tv.


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Sounds like a great vaca.

Master & Commander is a great read, and the series is fantastic (I've read 6 or 7 so far).

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