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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Bring it on, Bitches

First, a Jonathan Papelbon Haiku:

Wicked Intense
Never look up
Zeroed in on the Plate
Swing and a Miss


I love the intensity. I love the way he's got that ballcap pulled way down, they way he looks down at the mound, looks in at the plate, throws strikes and then walks off looking down at the grass, never looking up. Total Bad Fucking Ass, with a barely contained fist pump. He's my favorite guy out there. No doubt.

It's playoff time fuckers. It's playoff time. It's been building all week. I've been cranky and tired. I've had a short fuse and I'm not ashamed to admit, The Sox have been a big part of it. Sports affect me. I can't help it, it's just the way I am. I get into it and it affects my demeanor.

My wife's already got that uncomprehending look where she sees me watching the game, sees the intensity on the face, sees the stupid superstitions all coming out, the candles, the Octoberfest Beers, the Hat has to be placed in a particular part of the couch, and don't move it! She sees me choking on curses and trying not to swear and say stuff around the kids... She's got that, resigned, 'well, here we go' look. (and she looks at my daughter wearing a batting practice style Sox cap backwards and tells me, "You're creating a monster you know...")

When things are not going well and I'm pissed off, she reminds me "It's only a game, don't let it ruin your day". I just look at her. I wish I could think that way, sometimes. It would have saved me a lot of anguish and near-heart attacks in the past but I can't. For me its The Pats. It's The Sox. During the Bledsoe years, when the Patriots would lose on Sun, I would be in a bad mood till about Wed and she'd get pissed. "LET IT GO," she'd tell me.

Thankfully, it's not as bad anymore. A lot of that came from year after year of frustration. Winning has helped with that but I still live and die with these 2 teams.

I don't get all upset so much during the season. If they win one, I'm happy, if they lose one, I'm bummed but it's Ok. I can let it roll off. But when it's playoff time and you're fighting for a spot, like The Red Sox are now, the intensity cranks up.

I want the playoffs. At this point, I don't care how we get in, just get in. I want the Division, but I'll take the Wildcard. As long as we're in The Show.

I can't wait another day. I switched the calendar to October tonight.

There's like a million different scenarios that could happen this weekend, things that can happen if the Sox do this and if Cleveland does that. Lets take the mystery out of it Red Sox and JUST WIN!!


"Whatever it Takes"



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HHmmmm Wachusett Oktoberfest......hhhmmmmm. I have to say I am frustrated with this as well. Every year it seems to be the same thing...
The only bright spot has been the consistent domination by the Patriots! Every year is a near, but I have faith!

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