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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Get well Rodney and Matt...

I was reading about Rodney Harrison over on Firestarter's blog and indications are that his leg injury is pretty bad. This is another big blow to The Pats D. Most likely he will not be able to play the rest of the season, but you never know, Harrison's a pretty determined guy. Maybe we'll see him on the field again for the playoffs... I'll be rooting for him.

Here's hoping one of the scariest, most intimidating players to ever patrol the Patriots backfield gets well and has a full recovery from his injury.


If you look up the word Bad-Ass, it should have Rodney's picture next to it.

Nobody could get themselves worked up into a fervor over a comment, press clipping, or even the slightest hint of disrespect and then make their opponent pay dearly for it like Harrison did.

Damn. We are going to miss you this year Rodney.

On the other side of the ball, news is that Tom Brady's body guard, Matt Light, has a broken leg. I'm not sure yet what the word is on how bad it is and when he could return.


In previous years, Bryan Cox and Ted Washington had both returned to the field after suffering from a broken leg during the season. Hopefully Matt's injury is not too bad and he will heal up quick.

Get well quick you guys, but most importantly, get well!


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What a blow-losing both in the same game. Sometimes it seems things just don't go their way. Seems like we lose a couple of 'key' guys every year-but this one hurts.

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