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Friday, September 23, 2005

I get knocked down, but I get up again...

Last weeks loss to The Panthers was tough to swallow. I was not so upset about The Patriots losing the game, that's going to happen, I was more upset about the way they lost. Mistakes. Mistakes. Mistakes. Poor tackling, penalties, turnovers and questionable calls. That was not Patriot Football.

Carolina did not play their 'A' game either, they just took advantage of The Pats miscues and turned them into points. No disrespect to Carolina, but The Pats beat themselves in last weeks game.

In the end though, the bottom line is that it's a loss and like the majority of the teams in the league, The Pats are now 1-1 heading into another tough game against Pittsburgh.

The Pats are known for putting bad games behind them and bouncing back. Gil Santos pointed out in last weeks Carolina broadcast that he had not seen The Pats play that poorly since the loss to The Washington Redskins in '03. After that game they went on to win 21 straight...

I think The Pats can beat the Steelers. They just have to play clean, mistake free football. Cut down on the penalties and turnovers and The Pats are fully capable of winning this game.

I think this game is going to be a good test for The Pats and we are going to find out a little bit of what this years New England Patriots are made of this week. Like Carolina, The Steelers will have some extra motivation coming into this weeks game but I think The Pats will have some extra motivation as well. They are going to want to show the rest of the NFL that last week's performance was an aberration and make people remember what Patriot Football is all about. They've got something to prove this week against The Steelers.

After last week's game, I heard there was some bitching about the difficulty of this year's schedule from a few Patriot players. The schedule is the schedule. Look at it as a challenge to show up the rest of the league once again... by winning.



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