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Friday, September 09, 2005


I'm feeling irritated.

I bought some RAM for my computer, 512 MB. Then I opened it up expecting to see a single 512 DIMM and an open memory slot. Instead I discovered 2, 256 DIMMs, taking up both slots. So instead of having a full Gig of RAM, I've got 768MB and a chip that I can't use. It's totally my own fault for not checking but it's still irritating.

I also bought a new drive for my computer because the the original drive is jam packed. Apple has this neat program that moves all your files and stuff for you called the Migration Assistant. There's just one problem, it doesn't work with FileVault, which of course, I have turned on. To make a long, boring story short, in order to be able to turn off FileVault I needed to make room on my drive and wound up having to delete 10 gigs of music to do it. I had to effing trash my music library. I've got most of it on CD so I can get it all back, but again, irritating.

The rest of my irritation I blame on The Red Sox, who are down 8-4 right now to the MFY after blowing a great opportunity in the 7th with the bases loaded. Instead Tek grounds into an inning ending double play. Grumble. I won't even talk about what happened in the 6th with hitter after hitter getting on base while Bradford just stayed and stayed and stayed in the game, and I'm yelling "WILL YOU FRIGGIN LIFT THIS GUY TITO!! JEZUS! GRRRR.

Shilling better be sharp tomorrow. I was hoping to take 2 out of 3 this weekend but I will settle for no less than 1 out of 3. A sweep by the MFY is not an option. You HEAR ME RED SOX??


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