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Thursday, September 15, 2005

New Pats blog! New England Patriots Pulpit

I'm always looking for new Pats blogs.

For some reason, there are very few of them and I'm not sure why. It seems like most people I know who are Sox fans are also Pats fans, (or vice-versa. (It's not a competition.))

Anyway, you would think there would be more Pats blogs, since there are about a gazzillion Red Sox blogs, but for some reason, The Pats Blogger is a rare bird, so I was pretty excited the other day when I found this new Pats blog:

New England Patriots Pulpit

The list of Pats bloggers grows!



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I am a Chiefs fan and I have noticed a lack of blogs for them too. It appears to me that for some reason football does not blog well. I am not sure why since its the #1 sport in the US. I think the reason my be because so many people dont study the game the way people do baseball. Baseball is big on stats and attracts people who are stat nuts. Football attracts people who are a different breed. They crave the excitement of the game and the ups and downs. They could care less if Joe linebacker made three tackle the point is the team result. Does that make any sense?

As a person who writes about the Sox too, I guess it probably has to do with Baseball being an everyday game as opposed to once a week. There's more material for folks to write about with baseball, just because there are so many games.

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