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Friday, September 09, 2005

Pats vs Raiders and the clock is ticking...

Currently, the score is 30 - 20 Pats. 3:04 left in the game and this one is pretty much in the bag. I feel safe writing about it at this point.

This one has not been exactly textbook for The Pats. The Pats run game has been stifled for the majority of the game and there have been a lot of drive killing penalties. The score really could be a lot higher for the Pats but I'm not going to be one of those people that complain about an 'ugly' win. Fuck that. A win is a win.

The difficulties in the run game I can understand, going up against a stiff D-Line. The penalties, I'm sure, will be dealt with.

The Defense has played well overall. The early TD allowed to Moss was really the biggest gaffe of the night. Poole should have had Moss initially and then Harrison should have knocked his block off, but neither happened and The Raiders took the early score.

For the remainder of the game, it's pretty much been all Pats, with the Raiders never truly threatening. The score does not really reflect the overall game. The only reason the Raiders even got close was due more to Pats miscues than the Raiders really executing against The Pats.

I felt like the Pats really never got into high gear in this one, while The Raiders were giving it all they had. Good.

In any case, it's good to get this first game and all the hype that came along with it out of the way and get this first win, especially on opening night, with the banner unfurling and all that. Losing on a night like this would not have been acceptable.

It's good to beat the Raiders and a big FUCK YOU goes out, once again, to YOU Ben Drieth. FUUUUCK Yeeewwwww.

During the game, they were showing some arial shots of Gillete Stadium and I could not help but be struck with how beautiful the staduim is and I thought back to the time when we were afraid that The Pats might be moved to St. Louis [The Dark Times]. Bob Kraft's [A.K.A. THE SAVIOR] speech was great (Anybody that rags on that guy should get a big kick in the ass as far as I am concerned) and I really felt true joy welling up in my chest as I watched that 3rd banner being unfurled. I could not help but laugh and clap my hands as I watched it being unveiled.

As for all the pre-game stuff, I did not really get to into all the singers and stuff. Green Day was ok and I though it was cool when the helmet opened up and Ozzy was in there singing(?) Crazy Train.

To be honest I just wanted to see the banner ceremony but at the same time, how friggin cool is it that all this stuff is happening with The Patriots? Just awesome. I hope people appreciate all this and what is happening right now for our team. I feel like a broken record sometimes when I say this but savor this Patriot Nation. Savor it.

Ok. Enough sentamental shit. The Pats are 1-0 with some extra time to get ready for a tough road ahead, starting in Carolina. It's football season muthafuckahzz!!

Oh man. I've got to go to work in a few hours... This is why I hate 9:00 games.



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