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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Renteria = Head Case...

I'm starting to think all the errors Edgah Renteria keeps committing are caused by psychological factors. I think it's in his head now and he's psyching himself out every time a ball comes near him. He's afraid he's going to fuck up the play and then he does. That is the only reason I can think of that could possibly explain the ridiculous number of errors this guy is committing. Maybe Theo should bring in a shrink.

It feels like Renteria's committing an error in every game. Anytime the ball is hit to him now, I tense up and I'm like 'Come ooooooon Edgar.... Catch it! Catch it!'

If he catches it and makes the play (like he should), it's a relief. Whew! If he blows it, which he invariably seems to do, well, lets just say I often get 'shhhhh-ed' by my better half.

"7 Million a year for this? COME ON!!"

"You're going to wake the kids up!"

The Red Sox are walking away with this one tonight, 13-2 in the 7th, which is fine, since Shilling can 'work on some stuff' with the big lead, but at the same time, they need to save some of this for tomorrow. Whenever they have these big run games, the next day they struggle just to get on base. Save some for tomorrow boyz.

Of course the MFY are beating Baltimore... thanks for nothing O's.


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