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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sox looking good so far...

It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon and the Sox are doing their part to help make it a Beautiful Day (don't let it get away, Sox). Shilling has been locked in and so have the Sox bats.

Now that it is the thick of September, we are getting into that time of year when my superstitious side begins to emerge in full-force, so I am not going to say anything more about it other than The Sox are in good shape going into the bottom of the 6th...

Sox get the win, 9-2, and get back to a 4 game lead for the Division heading into tomorrow's match-up between Wake and The Bean Pole Bitch.

By the way, note to Tim McCarver: It's BRONSON not BRANDON, ya stupid jackass fuck! You'd think that idiot would know Arroyo's name by now. Get a clue, will ya "TIMMY"? Anyone else find that annoying, the other Fox guys calling McCarver "TIMMY"? Fuck you TIMMY. How's that suit ya?


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