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Sunday, September 11, 2005


This is my 3rd attempt at writing something about today, Sept 11th. I feel like I should write something but I am not sure what to say about it. What can I possibly add that has not been said already by people with a lot more writing skill than mine.

We all know what happened today. You don't need me to tell you to remember and never forget. All of us will have the memories of our own experiences of what happened on Sept 11th 2001 in the back of our minds today as we go about our lives.

Some things I will always remember about that day:

I will always remember that it really was a perfect Sept day. Blue skies, sunny warm but not hot. Perfect weather.

I will always remember what I was doing when I was first told the news.

I will always remember the person that told it to me.

I will always remember the distraught woman who stood next to me as a group of us watched CNN. She had booked flights for people on the planes that day and was hoping and praying they were on the 'other' flight, not that it mattered in the end.

All I can say is, try to remember those who lost their lives, the ones that were murdered, the ones that fought back, the ones that sacrificed their lives to save other people and the ones that are sacrificing right now for all of us, wether you believe in their cause or not, they are doing what they do for us. Remember the people that are important to you and make sure they know what they mean to you.


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