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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Why Macs rule...

I finally got my new hard-drive installed in my laptop. It was very easy to do.

I removed the bottom from the computer and the drive was easily accessable. All I had to do then was undo 4 screws holding the drive in and pop the drive controller cable off the motherboard. The old drive came right out and then I replaced it with the new one.

The only part that made me a little nervous was popping the drive controller connection off the motherboard. It was snapped into the motherboard pretty tight and at first I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a 'permanent' connection. (I was a little worried the instructions might have been wrong. Screwing up my computer would not have been a good thing.) Thankfully after a little gentle prying, it came off with out a problem.

Once I got the new drive in I just had to install the operating system. That's it.

Mac OS 10.4 comes with this great program called the Migration Assistant. Once the OS is installed, the Assistant comes up and moves all your files and preferences over from your old drive (or computer) to the new one. No settings to have to re-configure, no apps to install, no files to search around for. It all just worked (as it should) and when it was finished, I logged in as if nothing had changed. The process could not have been any easier. I didn't even swear once the whole time! Ha!

Now I have all this extra space. It's so roomy here. ECHO! Echo... echo...

Now that I have plenty of space, I'm thinking of saving up for an M-Box and maybe recording some songs with Garage Band.


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