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Monday, October 24, 2005


I'm feeling very blah tonight so this post will probably be kind of lame. It's raining out again. I'm sure it will be raining tomorrow, and since there's a hurricane driven storm headed up here, I expect it to continue to rain for the rest of the week. I'm pretty fucking sick of non-stop rain, but I guess I should not bitch about it too much. At least my basement is not flooded (knock on wood) and I'm not down stream from a leaky, wooden, 100 year old dam.

I was clicking through the channels on the idiot box earlier this evening, looking for a good scary movie to watch, since it's getting close to Halloween, and I happened to chance across the Chet Curtis report on NECN where Chet was interviewing Colby Buzzell, author of My War. Since I'm a big fan of C.B.'s book and his blog, this immediately grabbed my attention.

Chet asked him several questions about Hum-Vees and Stryker vehicles and then they put up a graphic of the cover of the book which I thought that was pretty cool. I'm glad to see C.B's book getting some good exposure.

Unfortunately, that's all I saw since I only caught the tail end of his interview. Since C.B. was on NECN, I thought maybe he'd be doing interviews on some of the other networks since usually when someone does an interview like this for the news, there are several stations stacked up in a line, each one waiting for their turn to do basically the same interview.

Usually the person being interviewed gets asked the same thing over and over again by all the different reporters from each station.

Anyway, I flipped around but didn't see any other interviews being conducted. I hoped NECN would repeat it so I waited around and kind of kept my eye on the 9:00 PM news show they do, but they did not repeat the interview. Oh well.

It was pretty neat to see the little bit that I did see of Colby getting interviewed. I've read his book and was an avid reader of his blog back when he was writing it and untill now I've only seen still photos of him. It's neat to see him 'in the flesh', so to speak, on TV.

He was wearing a Black Flag t-shirt for the interview, which I got a kick out of... Usually people get dressed up, wear a tie or whatever if they're going to be interviewed on TV for a news program. Not C.B. True to form. Ha.

'You know what Stewart C.B., I like you. You're not like the other people, here, in the trailer park...'


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This was a pretty good radio interview with cb. It's a Las Vegas station. The interview starts about 25 min into the show and lasts about 30min.

Thanks Mark I will check it out! Thanks for reading!

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