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Monday, October 17, 2005

Chore filled weekend...

Well the rain finally subsided on Sunday and there were a few occasional glimpses of sunlight, though it was mainly just cloudy, windy and raw all day. Still, it was better than rain though and I had a lot of outdoor projects that needed to get done.

First I had to pack up my wife's car with some furniture and stuff that she was going to take and try and sell at a yard sale.

Next I had to fill in a big hole in the yard that I had dug the week before. (Don't ask. Believe me you don't want to know.) That was fun.

I'll have to re-seed the whole area where the hole was with new grass because now it's just exposed dirt. I was thinking of making a pretend grave stone and sticking it there, at the front end of the now filled in hole, to pretened like somebody's buried there or something for Halloween. I could write a line from a Johnny Cash song on the pretend grave stone:

"Here lies Less More
4 Slugs from a .44
No Less, No more"

My lawn was incredibly high, having not been mowed in about 3 weeks since it's been raining every weekend, and it really needed to be cut before it got completely out of hand. The grass looked green on top but once I started cutting it, I could see it was a good thing that I did not let it go another week because underneath the nice, dark green top, it was turning a yellowish-green color, meaning that the grass underneath was starting to rot because of all the wet, heavy grass that was matted down and lying on top of it. Not good. So, it's a good thing I cut it but it was a pain in the ass to do. It took forever because I had to go extra slow, since it was so high, and it still got all clumped up so I had to go over the rows twice to chop it all up. Oh well. The weather was pretty unpleasant while I was cutting the lawn and it started to look like it might rain again right in the middle of the job. Thankfully the rain held off so I could get it all done.

The other thing that I had to do yesterday was paint the interior of my basement walls with some stuff called "Dry-Lock". We are going to re-model our basement and turn it into a playroom / den / office / escape from maniac children area, so step one was to repair a few cracks in the foundation and coat it with this goopy, white dry-lock stuff. It's supposed to help cut down on moisture, so I think it will be worth the effort in the long run, but it was kinda tough to apply. Not in a difficult way as in being complicated or anything, it was just hard work to coat the walls with this stuff. Imagine having to paint with warmed up marshmallow Fluff. That's what it was like.

While I was painting away, I listened to The Pats game on the radio. The Pats pretty much got their asses handed to them by the Broncos for most of the game. Denver ran up 2 quick TDs on long bombs from Jake Plummer. It was not fun to listen to.

I hate to use injuries as an excuse, but at this point, the number of starters on this team that are unable to play due to injuries of some kind is getting ridiculous. Dillon, Faulk, Poole, Gay, Harrison, Seymour, Light, Brown, Bruschi, Scott, and on and on and on...

Incredibly, despite being down by nearly 4 touchdowns at one point, The Pats actually made a game of it and came very close to tying the game, pulling to within 8 points with time left on the clock.

Unfortunately, you can only go to the well so many times, and this time, their last ditch drive fell short and the Pats wound up losing 28-20 to Denver. It was a valiant effort, especially when you consider that there were backups for the backups playing at several key positions throughout the game.

Now that The Pats have a bye week, I'm hoping they can heal up and get some guys back. After the bye week they've got Buffalo to contend with, who is always tough, and then they face off against the Colts. I'm like a broken record, but it seems like every week the opponent the Pats are facing gets tougher and tougher. Fine. The tougher the challenge, the sweeter the reward when you accomplish your goal I say.


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Well I'm gonna ask (just cuz I'm curious and I want to know)... What was that big hole for? ;)

For the bodies of course!

(Ok, don't freak out, I'm joking ;-)

The reason for the hole was because we had to get our septic tank pumped out so I had to dig up the tank so the guy could get the cover off and pump all the gunk out. Kinda gross so I decided to leave that part out...

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