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Sunday, October 30, 2005

How do we feel about Tedy Bruschi getting back on the field?

Whooooooaaaaaaaaa YEAH!!

Anybody that has seen the Patriots 3 Games to Glory DVDs will recognize that familiar scene that takes place at the end of every Patriots game, where the team gathers around Tedy and he asks them, "How do we feel about a vic-tor-ie??!" WHOAAAAAAH YEAH!! The TEAM answers.

(My personal favorite chant: "How do we feel about free t-shirts?" [WHOOAAAA YEAH!!])

Ok. Yes. I'm having fun with the 'whoa yeahs'!

So as the Patriots begin their second half of the season, Tedy will be back on the field tonight as the team faces off against the Buffalo Bills. His return, along with Richard Seymour, will make a huge difference in so many ways to this defense. Even if neither player is at 100%, the experience and the ability to make plays that they bring on the field is huge.

One of the main problems that has plagued the Patriots so far this year has been a lack of cohesion on D. There has been confusion with the linebackers, cornerbacks and safetys. Of course, this has been exacerbated by the ridiculous number of injuries to the Pats D. Add to that the inexperience the new guys have in the defensive system and the simple fact that many of these players are just not as good as the guys they are backing up. Let's face it, when you have the backups for the backups holding the line for you, well, things might not always go your way.

Despite all the problems and injuries the team has faced so far this year, the Pats came out of an extremely difficult stretch of games at 3-3 and leading the AFC East. A win in tonight's game will begin to solidify that lead as the Pats begin another difficult 10 game stretch that includes 6 games against their AFC East rivals as well as Indy and K.C.

Many people seem to be calling the 2nd half schedule 'easier', but we all know that the games in the AFC East are never easy. Every team brings a little something extra to these AFC East matches and we all know Indy and K.C. are looking to take it to The Pats as well.

But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. One game at a time is the mantra we should remember to follow.

That and, "How do we feel about a VIC-TOR-EEE!!?" (Go ahead, say it...)


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