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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Pats pick up a nice find...

The Pats uncovered a nice find and signed former Miami safety Arturo Freeman.

I think this is a great pickup for the team. It really helps to shore up a decimated defensive backfield. No, Freeman's not a player who's at Rodney Harrison's level, but he's a quality safetly who can come in and be effective in a game. Great move by The Pats to pick this guy up.

This weeks game against Denver is probably going to be their toughest challenge of the season so far. The AFC West is stacked with very good teams, up and down, and Denver is at the top. Although the Pats finally got the Mile High Jinx of their backs a couple years ago, that will not make it any easier to win there in this upcoming week's game. Denver is always a very tough place to play and this should be a good game.

I think the important thing in this game is going to be a little different from weeks past, where the focus on the run game was the key. I think this week, The Pats need to get after Jake Plummer and force him into some mistakes. Plummer is a funny guy. Sometimes he looks unstoppable and other times he's an interception machine. Let's hope this week it's the latter.

Denver is a complete team and will be very tough no matter what so the Pats need to play a clean game. This would be a good week to clamp down on the penalties.

Hopefully the Pats will be completely focused on this game and not be thinking about the week off that comes after it. Then again, what am I thinking making a goofy statement like that? This is The Patriots we are talking about...

Oh and did I mention it's a 4:00 game? Nice. AND I hear the sun might even make a brief appearance on Sunday. In case you forgot, the Sun is that big, bright yellow thing that shows up in the sky sometimes. Don't be afraid if you see it...


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and the penalties hurt them.

Yeah, penalties and the long ball from Plummer, right down the middle of the field.

Hopefully The Pats can rest up and we get some guys back for the 2nd half!

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