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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pats vs Buffalo: 1st Half

2 things are jumping out at me in the 1st half: penalties and poor tackling.

The Pats are not sticking guys, wrapping them up and bringing them down. They are slamming into guys and then bouncing off, allowing their opponents to stay on their feet.

The 2nd problem is being caused by penalties. There have been way too many. To make things worse, this officiating crew seems to be very quick to toss the flag.

This effing injury nightmare continues to eat up quality players. Patrick Pass was ripping through the Bills defense early in the game, until he tweaked his hammie, return: questionable. Un-be-fucking-livable...

Despite all this [I'm using that phrase way too much], The Pats are only down by 3 at the 2:00 Warning.

Lets hope things improve in the last 2 min and we can get a score up on the board before the half.


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