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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bruschi's back...

This is great to see. Bruschi's coming back to The Pats. Like all Patriots fans, I don't want to see Tedy do anything that will endanger himself, but it sounds like he has gone above and beyond to make sure that he can safely return to football. If he says he can do it and his family is behind him, I say that is great news. I can't wait to see thim come out and take the field in Foxboro. The cheers are going to be deafening.

And I have to say, at this point The Pats need all the help they can get. This 2 week hiatus to let guys heal up a little could not have come at a better time. As I have said, along everybody else, the injuries on The Patriots right now are totally out of hand.

Having Bruschi back on the field immediately helps with some of the issues the team seems to be going through due to lack of communication or experience with the defensive system. Let's face it Beisel and Brown are both decent linebackers. Maybe they are not as good as Bruschi and Johnson, but at the same time, I don't think their problem is that they totally suck either. Think about how well The Teds knew Belichick's system. It was almost instinctive for those guys, where Beisel and Brown are still in a learning phase. I'm sure they know the plays, but I'm also sure that part of the reason they don't have the quick reaction to things that happen on the field is partly because they are both new to the system. Bruschi knows the system cold and that can only help.

Plus over the next few weeks we will hopefully get Seymour, Dillon and a bunch of other guys back. The Pats injury situation last year had been bad,  but I don't think it was ever this bad.

Being 3-3 with the schedule they've had to face and the loss of players they've had to deal with is not all that bad in my opinion. Of course the media is having an absolute field day with it. It has been years since they have had the chance to rip The Patriots and beat on the team when it's down.

I rarely listen to WEEI anymore but I do listen on Monday afternoons to hear Coach Belichick's comments about the game. Prior to Coach B coming on yesterday, EEI played a long segment with callers totally ripping Duane Starks and other guys on The Pats. Yes, Duane did get burned big time during the Denver game, but to me it seemed like the Media was just reveling in The Pats woes from the Denver game.

Of course, my opinion of the Boston Sports Media, and Media in general is about as high as a stack of matches, so it could just be me...


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Wait...how many matches in the stack?

I guess if the sky wasn't falling, it wouldn't be boston, right?

I'd say there's maybe 2 matches in the stack ;-)

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