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Sunday, November 20, 2005

2 in a row, here we go...

Before I say anything else, I'd like to extend my condolences to Bill Belichick and his family.

Coach Belichick's father, Steve Belichick, passed away last night.

Considering he just got the news about his father's passing last night, I am amazed and impressed at Coach Belichick's inner strength. I would have to imagine it was extremely difficult for him to focus on the game today considering what he must have been going through emotionally.

Thankfully, The Pats got a win today, beating The Saints 24-17 and winning 2 in a row for the first time all season.

Although I thought the overall play of the defense was much better than last week, they still allowed the game to remain interesting right to the very end.

With the Pats up by a touchdown, The Saints drove down the field in the closing minutes and got to just outside The Pats 20 yard line. Eugene Wilson finally put an end to the stress excitement when he intercepted an Aaron Brooks pass to Joe Horn in the end-zone. Whew. Game over. Thank you.

With Buffalo, The Jets and Miami all losing today, this win gives the Pats a little breathing room as they separate from the rest of the pack a little in the AFC East. They will probably need it as they head to a very hostile environment next week in Arrowhead stadium.

The Chiefs remain a dangerous team, despite the loss of Priest Holmes. Next week's match up is certainly a winnable game for The Pats, but it will definitely be a challenge. This next game will be a good test for The Pats and will help to harden them for a run at the playoffs.


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