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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Damn those Colts...

It was a very rare occasion, but last night, I was rooting for The Steelers. I almost always root against the Steelers but since they were playing Peyton 'Wonder Boy' Manning and The Colts last night, I had to root for them to win. Unfortunately they did not come through. Not even close. 26-7, Colts.

Ok. I'll admit it, soft schedule or no, The Colts are the class of the NFL right now. (Yes, that hurt). Now, can somebody please beat these guys? Damn! If Manning goes 16-0 I might just puke, so somebody needs to notch an X in the Loss column for the Colts.

It's not going to happen this week, unless Tennessee pulls off a miracle, in other words, it's not going to happen this week.

The Colts have still got to face Jacksonville, San Diego and Seattle, so there is hope. I'm thinking it will be Jacksonville that finally ends the streak and pops the corks from the champagne bottles down in Miami.

For the record, and I have talked about this before, I generally don't dislike the Colts. What I dislike is the anointing of Peyton Manning as the greatest quarterback to ever walk the earth when the guy has done JACK SHIT when it has counted.

Don't talk to me about his regular season accomplishments. What's his playoff record since he entered the league in '98? End of discussion. So can we please stop bowing down to this guy until he actually wins something besides his own division?

By the way, no matter what their regular season record turns out to be, The Colts will be upset in the playoffs this year. I can feel it in my gut. In the meantime, we've still got to put up with Manning, The Colts and their damn undefeated record.

You know, I just can't help but think that none of this would be happening if we had The Intimidator patrolling our defensive backfield. God-damm I miss Rodney Harrison. Fuck I wish he were around to show Manning who's the boss. Damn.

(Metrowest Daily News)


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Whaaa! What I like about Peyton, other than he is a great quarterback, is that he is a true professional, as is Tom Brady. You don't read about him getting arrested and he never EVER trash talks any team--yours included. He is a student of the game and hopefully will be a Superbowl Champ in 2006.

Hey cool! I love it when I get a comment from fans of other teams.

There is certainly no denying Peyton is a great QB and he seems to be a good guy. No question there.

And as I alluded to in my post, most of the animosity I have towards Manning and the Colts is not necessarily their fault. It is mainly caused by the media and their constant, never ending swoon over a player and a team that has put up all kinds of fantastic stats but has yet to win a big game in the post-season.

Like I said, what's Manning done since 98? 11 and 0 is impressive, unless they get beat in one of the Divisional Games.

I appreciate your coming by and leaving me a comment! I checked out your site and thought it was really cool. Very nice design!

I wish you luck in the playoffs but I'm sure you understand I'll be rooting against your team :-) Maybe we'll see you guys in the Dome!

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