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Sunday, November 13, 2005

'Determined little bugger...'

Part of my lovely 'welcome home' to wonderful New England included catching a nasty cold on the plane incubator ride home. I have hardly been able to sleep at night because I've been coughing so much. Cough, cough, cough, the whole night through. So enjoyable... I often go down and sleep on the couch so I don't keep my better half awake. That's part of the reason I have not been writing too much. I'm just too dang tired. I hardly sleep at night, work all day and then get home and am totally unmotivated to write things here. I have ideas in my head on things to say, but don't have the energy to typety-type-type.

This past week my wife (who also caught a cold from the plane by the way,) and I keep looking at each other and asking one another if we'd had any odd dreams lately. She'll say, 'I had the weirdest dream, like we both went down to some tropical island and sat on a tranquil beach and did nothing...'

'Hmmm, that's funny', I say, 'I had the exact same dream'.

So now I'm sitting here trying to drink down this downright nasty hot lemon flavored medicine concoction that I'm hoping will allow me to get some sleep tonight. It's supposed to soothe your throat and stop you from coughing. I hope it works because god-damn this is some nasty shit. I can drink down just about any alcoholic beverage straight up, no problem and enjoy it as it goes down but this kind of stuff... Ug. Gag me.

I was standing in the kitchen blowing on the awful brew to cool it a little and taking short sips when my wife came in, took one look at me and started laughing at me because I was making some crazy faces over the taste every time I sipped.

'Why don't you just take some Nyquil,' she asked.

'I don't like the hangover in the morning. I need to be able to get up and function'.

'Well that's not going to go down easy. I don't see it happening.'

'Oh yeah? Watch.' I said, taking a big nasty tasting sip.

'You're a determined bugger, I'll give you that,' she said.


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