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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Let's talk Colts...

Here is the Colts season results so far.

1 9/11 @ Baltimore Ravens W 24 - 7 - (Ravens currently have a losing record)
2 9/18 JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS W 10 - 3 (Currently have a winning record)
3 9/25 CLEVELAND BROWNS W 13 - 6 - (Browns currently have a losing record)
4 10/2 @ Tennessee Titans W 31 - 10 - (Titans currently have a losing record)
5 10/9 @ San Francisco 49ers W 28 - 3 - (Niners currently have a losing record)
6 10/17 ST. LOUIS RAMS W 45 - 28 - (Currently .500)
7 10/23 @ Houston Texans W 38 - 20 - (Houston currently has a losing record)
8 10/30 BYE

Hmmm. Undefeated. Ok, it's impressive, though the Colts schedule is not exactly like The Pats schedule so far...

1 9/8 W vs Raiders 30-20 (Oakland Currently has a losing record)
2 9/18 L @ Carolina 27-17 (Panthers have a winning record, tied for Div lead)
3 9/25 W @ Pittsburgh 23-20 (Pitt has a winning record, 2nd in Div)
4 10/2 L vs Chargers 41-17 (Chargers currently have a .500 record)
5 10/9 W @ Atlanta 31-28 (Dirty Birds currently have a winning record, tied for Div lead)
6 10/16 L @ Denver 28-20 (Horses currently have a winning record, lead AFC West, toughest div in NFL)
7 10/23 Bye
8 10/30 W vs Bills 21-16 (Buffalo currently has a losing record)

Yes the Colts are undefeated, but I think I see some disparity in the quality of teams The Pats and Colts have faced so far this year.

Do you see an stand-out teams on the Colts list? The Jags are the only team jumping out at me as a 'quality' team. (Sorry RAC). Maybe that's because The Jags are the only team The Colts have faced that have a winning record at 4-3.

I think you can see where I'm going with this. Yes, the Colts are coming in undefeated, flying high-again, while the Pats are 4-3, riddled with injuries and everyone in Patriot Nation is wondering 'could this be Peyton's chance to finally win a game at The Razor'? Well, I will admit to wondering that myself. It could very well happen. This is as good a chance as he's had since 2001. Oh wait. 2001... What happened in 2001?

Remember this?

2001 Patriots:
9/9 17-23 L at Cincinnati
9/23 3-10 L vs N.Y. Jets

(Holy shit the Pats are 0-2 and Peyton Manning and The Colts are next. Oh my god! What will happen?! We are doomed!)

9/30 44-13 W vs Indianapolis

Maybe this is Manning's best shot to get a win at The Razor in forevah, but something in my gut tells me The Pats get it done on Monday night... Plus, The Football Gods don't like an undefeated team.



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FINALLY!!! Someone else in this world has realized this!!! Thank you!! ;)

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