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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Still can't believe it... COME BACK THEO!!

It's been a few days since Theo resigned as GM for The Red Sox and I have to say, I'm still in shock, I still can't believe it and I'm still totally pissed. (I'll try to cut down on all the swearing though. I know it's gotten a bit out of hand...)

I've been reading some of the Sox blogs, kind of hoping some of them would help cheer me up and make me feel better, but it looks like everybody pretty much feels the same way I do; upset, confused and afraid for the future of the Red Sox. Misery reigns supreme. Thanks Larry. Thanks Shank. Yes. I do blame you Lucchino, both you and that scum columnist 'writer' (an insult to other writers). The blame is squarely at your feet. Completely. Spin it all you want. I will NEVER forgive you for this. NEVER.

Lucchino, you now have no leeway to work with from me and if you look around, I think you'll find out most of RSN feels the same way. Enjoy sleeping in the bed you have made for yourself. I think you know that you have made yourself universally despised among RSN, along with your good snuggle-buddy, CHB.

Sox fans, you don't need me to tell you this but the Red Sox were SET with Theo running the show. SET! Ok. Maybe the Red Sox didn't do so great in the playoffs this year, this year. See what I'm saying? With Theo in charge, I was totally confident in the future of this team. I don't expect they Sox are going to win the Series every year, but I knew that at least they had finally put things together and that they would be in contention for many years to come. Next year we'd be back in the show come October. I had no doubt that we would be. Now I have no confidence whatsoever that that will happen. Right now all I feel is disheartened and despair when it comes to The Red Sox. Now I'm totally prepared to sit back and watch the killer farm system the team had built up be dismantled, prospects traded away, replaced with a bunch of high salary slackers to fill the void. Red Sox armageddon.

We were set for the future because we had somebody that actually had their act together making the moves for us. Theo ran the Red Sox with intelligence and was methodical in his methods. He ran the Red Sox in a very 'New England Patriot' like way. All business. No emotion. Whatever it takes to win. It's about what's good for the team, not the player. It's about winning Championships. That's what I love about The Pats and that's what I liked about Theo. Now he's quit because of some b.s. with Lucchino and the front office.

Theo says that's not why he quit but I think he's just taking the high road. Everybody knows when you leave a job, no matter how much you hate it you don't burn your bridges. You suck it up and you play nice with that person you can't stand one last time, cuz you never know, you might meet again somewhere else. Smart.

What's the matter Larry, you didn't like the taste of champagne? You didn't like the feeling of finally winning? Well F YOU!!

Who are you and the other geniuses in the front office going to get to come in and run this circus now? WHO?? Nobody decent is going to want to step into this pile-o-you know what.

As if the fact that Theo leaving is not bad enough, the timing for all this could not have come at a worse time. The Sox are a ship without a rudder in the free agent waters right now. Who's gonna do all the wheeling? Who's gonna do all the dealing? Who's gonna go to the big free-agent pitcher's house for Thanksgiving dinner, look his wife in the eye and tell her that her mashed potatoes are the best he's ever tasted?

We are screwed.

Damn this bleeping bleepity bleep-bleep-bleeeeeeeeeeeep sucks! FUCK!!!


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