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Saturday, December 17, 2005

2nd Half Pats / Bucs...

I turned on that IM status thingy in case anyone wants to chat me up during The 2nd half of The Pats game.

For AIM and Yahoo messenger, my user name is mrbanw. For MSN and Google chat, my user name is my e-mail.

Pats / Bucs 3rd Quarter:
So far, the Pats D is continuing to go after The Bucs. Good to see. The O seems to be doing a nice job running the clock, but it would be nice to see them put together a sustained drive.

Whoa, scary punt return that was almost a TD for The Bucs if not for a penalty flag. Whew! Close call there... Now let's bring it D...

The Pats D has been relentless in this game, which is great to see. The offense has shown flashes, with Brady going to Givens on several impressive throws. Unfortunately, they have not strung together a drive yet. I think at this point though, as long as that clock keeps running, that's what we really want to see.

4th Quarter:
15 Football min to the AFC East Championship and the Playoffs...

The Pats just scored another TD with Dillon driving it in from inside the 5 to make it 28-0, Pats. Nice. As long as there is not some kind of total collapse on the Pats side, which I seriously doubt will happen, I think this one is pretty safely wrapped up with about 11 min to go... Of course, anything can happen during a game, so The Pats D needs to stay steady and keep the pressure on. I might be kicking back here, but The Pats can't let up...

Oh, did I mention the beer of the game is Wachusett Winterfest?

Under 10 min to go with this one well in hand... Bruuuuuuuusci just sacked Simms. Nice job Pats. Punt it Tampa.

4:00 left in the game. Brady has been going to Givens all day with some absolutely beautiful passes.

That's the 2 min warning. With a 28 - 0 lead, I think we can safely say this now: Congratulations to the New England Patriots, AFC East Champions!! 3 years in a row. Awesome. I love this team!



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