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Friday, December 02, 2005

Godsmack + Patriots...

Ok, most people probably won't find this interesting, but I saw this while looking around on Godsmack's website for news about the new record they're working on.

It seems that Sully is going to sing the National Anthem at the Pats / Fish game on January 1st. Cool.

I also see that George Strait and Skynyrd are both coming to Worcester in Jan. Cool.

Tickets for these shows are kinda pricey tho...


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Funny BW, I remember a time when the only musical "act" the Patriots could get were college marching bands. I'd like to hear Sully sing the national anthem...just to hear him sing it.

BTW, a Thornton-less Bruins team is starting to sink in.(okay, it's still a bit shocking) All I can say is if they completely tank this year I wouldn't be surprised if OC is out the door. I like the three guys we got, but haven't decided if they're worth the tradeor not.

I've been down visiting the P Bruins a few times, and they have been pretty unsettled what with the Bruins pilfering their lineup. Coach Gordon has had a tough time getting everyone on the same page, but says they're just starting to "get it" in the last couple weeks.

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