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Thursday, December 22, 2005

I guess this is just the week for bad things to happen...

Matt Light is now the 10th Patriot player on the IR this year. Not that this comes as a surprise, but it still sucks. It would have been nice to have Matt back for the playoffs.

On the subject of injuries, is there something wrong with my eyes or are there only 2 Patriots listed on the injury list this week? (Tom Brady, questionable and Matt Light, out.)

I don't usually talk about news regarding rival football teams, but the news that Wayne Chebret is retiring due to his head injuries is sad.

I have a lot of respect for Chebret. He burned the Pats and had me swearing up and down at the TV almost every time The Pats faced off against the Jets. Chebret was a guy that always came up with a big catch when it was needed. He pissed me off because it was always against my team, but the guy was good. Wayne Chebret was a football player, that is for sure. Too bad his career had to end on this note. Best of luck to you Wayne.


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I guess the pats got injuries out of the way early, huh? (Say no more for fear of jinxing the team...)

Monday nite football, kind of sucks because I hate night football games. I don't mind watching hockey games at night, but for some reason it just feels wrong with football. Anyhoo, happy holidays BW, hope you and your fam have a good one,

PS-Wayne Chrebet?! ;)

Hi FS!

I like that The Pats are featured in the Mon night game but I wish they started a little earlier. I'm always up to like 12:30 AM for those games. That is way past my bedtime ;)

Yeah, weird me giving props to a player for the Jets eh? He's one of those guys you just can't help but like, even if he's on the wrong team.

Hope you have a great holiday too! Hope it is relaxing and fun. :)

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