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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I'll be the 12th Man on Sunday...

My Dad was able to score some tix to the Pats game on Sunday from some guy with seasons who would rather stay home. I'll take em! The last time I was at a Pats game was the Miami 'Snow Fireworks' game.

It should be a good game and I am really looking forward to it. I am very interested to see who starts and for how long. Plus, I am excited for the tribute to the '85 AFC Champs.

I have to admit, I'm feeling somewhat conflicted over this game. On one hand, I obviously want to see them win, but in the big picture, does a win this weekend wind up hurting The Pats in the long run?

I have said that I think the 4th seed is the easier way to the Superbowl by playing Jacksonville and then if they win, The Colts. A win on Sunday gives The Pats a very good shot at landing the 3rd seed. A third seed means facing Pittsburgh and then, should they win, traveling to Denver. That is a tough road. Not impossible mind you, but tough, no doubt.

Either way, it will be difficult, so I guess there is no sense in spending a lot of time fretting over it. I can't not want them to win, and I'm sure the same can be doubly said for Belichick.



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