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Sunday, December 04, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like a good day for Football

Today is a good day for Football. Its cold and kinda snowy out, which is good football watchin' and playin' weather. The Christmas Tree is all lit up and decorated, I've got a good fire going in the fireplace and I got almost all my chores done yesterday. Now it's time to kick back, relax with a cool one and watch some winter wonderland Foxboro football.

Like I said, this day of football pleasure is made possible by the work accomplished on Saturday.

Yesterday I... went out with the Fam, got a Christmas Tree, tried to put it up in our broken tree stand, had a hissy fit because the tree stand was not holding up the tree, broke the stand into several pieces, waited while my wife went out and got a new tree stand, put up the tree, vacuumed up the pine needles, went outside and hung the icicle lights on the roof, went to plug it in and realized I had put them up backwards and the plug was at the wrong end, remained calm, took the whole thing down, remained (mostly) calm, uttered the F-Word a few times, put the icicle lights back up on the roof, (the right way this time), spit into the cold wind that almost knocked me off the ladder a few times, gave the finger to Mother Nature just to show her, went back inside, plugged in the Christmas Tree lights, tried to figure out why only half of a strand was lighting up, shook the strand vigorously until it lit up and put the lights on the Christmas tree.

Now, it's Football Time.



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