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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Pats / Bucs: 21-0 at the half...

The Pats looked great in their opening drive, marching straight down the field for a TD. After that, the Bux D stiffened, forcing several 3 and outs for The Pats.

Along the way however, The Bux made several critical errors during the 1st half, and the Patriots took full advantage, scoring a TD after getting the ball back on a roughing the punter penalty and then scoring another TD after a strip sack of the Buc's QB, putting the Pats up 21-0 going into halftime.

Things are looking like The Patriots that we have all grown to know so well, jumping all over mistakes by their opponents. Now the Pats need to turn up the heat. Don't let up off the gas on D and continue to go after Bucs QB, Chris Simms.

On offense, I expect lots of Clock Killin' with Dillon, Faulk and Pass. Brady has looked stellar so far in this game, despite a few close calls on passes that could have been interceptions if The Bucs cornerbacks had held onto the ball. Thankfully they have been unable to, so no harm done.

I must say, Brady has really been threading the needle on some of his passes so far. He's really looking good and seems to be having no problems that I can see moving around.

This is a FOX game so the graphics are totally over the top, as usual. I can't decide if the snow plow that goes across the top of the screen every now and then is kinda cute, or just annoying. It's not distracting me, so I guess it's ok.

30 min of football to free hats and t-shirts...



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