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Monday, December 26, 2005

Pats / Jets MNF...

1st Half

Well here we are in the 'final' Monday Nite Foooballll game. Why are they making so much hoopla over this? It's still going to be on next year, it'll just be on ESPN instead... Who cares? Gil and Gino are on the radio as always for me, so whatev... Gil and Gino are way ahead of the TV right now which is a little strange. They usually adjust it to match up as the game goes on.


The Pats opened up the game nicely with a great looking opening drive for a TD. That was followed by a pass interception by Asante Samuel and things were looking good.

Unfortunately, things have not gone so well since then. Samuel suffered some sort of injury on the INT. Hopefully he is ok. Brady then got picked off by Ty Law who brought it back to the house for a TD.

Game tied, 7-7. You have to wonder what's going through Ty Law's head when he looks over at the AFC East Champs sideline. Was the money worth it for you Ty? How's 3-11 feel right now?

I am not being a very good '12th Man' tonight. I was a Christmas Cookie eating machine the last few days so I'm not all that good for jumping around and yelling right now. I'm still good for touchdown laps around the house though, so I'm not completely mailing it in...

Now we have Tedy Bruschi getting helped off the field. That is not good to see at all. They are driving him to the locker room on the golf cart. Oh no.

Technically this game counts, but in reality this game is absolutely meaningless in the big picture. In all honesty, I'm looking at this as a tune up game for the Pats. It's an opportunity for them to work on stuff and stay sharp. This game is not worth losing key members of our defense, or anybody for that matter...

Mid 2nd quarter:
The Pats put together another nice drive and another TD pass to Vrabel. That makes 2 for him in this game. Nice to see. Gil reports that Bruschi is out with some kind of leg injury and is getting x-rayed. Oyyyyyyy. Fuuuuck. Please be ok Tedy!!

Late 2nd:
The Pats have been pounding the ball on the ground. Guess Belichick wants his 'backs to get their playoff legs... and thats the 2 Min warning (my Gil Santos imitation there...)

Inside 2 min and the Pats are driving for another score. Troy "FOOTBALL PLAYER" Brown takes a Brady pass to the Jet 2 yard line. 1st and Goal, Pats... Dillon walks in. 21-7 Pats.

The Pats recover the ensuing kickoff. It touched a Jet and they did not pick it up. Free ball and The Pats capitalize. Taking over at the Jet 35. Time to run it up I think...

The Pats just ran the clock after being unable to get within Adam's FG range. No matter. One more score for The Pats in the 3rd and it will be time to start playing the backups.

2nd Half:
The Pats get the ball on the kickoff and drive effortlessly for a TD. 28-7 Pats. Calculate the amount of time left in the game, 20 min and change, and a 21 point lead for the Pats, and I think it's pretty safe to start getting the starters out of the game.

~10 min left in the 4th:
The Jets scored a TD to make it 28-14 but the clock continues to tick... Brady's still in there along with the rest of the starters. I guess Coach B does not like the time vs score ratio yet...

Side note: They keep showing all these nostalgic pieces from past MNF games... Do they think people don't know that ABC and ESPN are essentially the same thing?? Stupid.

The Pats tacked on a FG from Adam, making it 31-14. Good to see The Pats close out MNF in a blowout. I remember The Pats did not even have a Monday Nite game for years and years because people were so out of hand in Foxboro... Thank you Bob Kraft.

Only one more regular season game left. Damn. Where did the time go anyway?



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Woo-hoo!!!Nice win, and who knew I would stay awake for the whole thing?

I'm a little sad that football season is winding down- that will leave hockey-which hey, I don't mind, but my Sunday afternoons will suddenly be dull and dreary and nacholess. Hmmm. Can't they just tag a few more games on there? Drag it out to April or May or whenever the weather gets nice again?

Nice job keepin' those eyes open! Waiting to hear what the deal is with Tedy no doubt. Reports are that he was walking to the bus under his own power after the game so that is a good sign!

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