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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Pats Pro-Bowlers, Sox bowled over...

Like a gentle tap on the shoulder, reminding us who the real team we should be paying attention to this time of year is, The Patriots quietly announced that Tom Brady and Richard Seymour were selected for their 3rd and 4th Pro-Bowl, respecively yesterday.

While the Red Sox got caught with their pants around their ankles with the Johnny D fiasco, and then had a freakin' press conference to highlight it, The Pats just issued a press-release.

"Hi, everybody, hey in case you're interested, we've got the best QB and the best defensive lineman in the NFL on our team. They're heading to the Pro-Bowl again this year. Oh yeah, we also locked up the AFC East for the 3rd year straight, and are the first team in the salary cap era to make it to the playoffs following back-to-back Championships... just in case you're interested."

The Red Sox are like a fender-bender on the side of the highway, with all kinds of flashing lights and people running around, arms flailing, clogging up traffic while people slow down to gawk and stare. Meanwhile The Patriots just keep on rolling as if they are on rails, a well oiled machine that continues to pick up momentum. Yes, the Pats may hit a few pot holes here and there, but adjustments are always made and the momentum continues to grow.

That press-conference the Red Sox held yesterday put their ineptness out on full display for all to see while The Patriots quietly continued to show us how a 'state of the art' franchise operates.

It only makes me appreciate The Patriots even more.



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