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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Pats win but don't clinch East...

The Pats got a nice win against a floundering Buffalo Bills team today, setting a team record for 1st downs in a single game along the way. There was a scary moment when Tom Brady injured his leg or ankle while running for a Touchdown. It was not pleasant to see him limping noticeably during several plays following the injury but as the game wore on, the limp seemed to subside, thankfully.

Hopefully Tom is fine and there will be no lingering side effects from the injury. Statements of the obvious, that is my forte, folks.

As if Tom's injury was not bad enough, there were several plays where our cornerbacks were still lying on the ground at the end, getting help from the trainers. Our secondary seems to be improving every week, so now is not the time for us to loose another guy back there. It appeared that all the corners and safeties made it through the game in one peice, once again, thankfully.

The bad news is that San Diego apparently did not get the message that they were supposed to beat Miami today, so The Pats did not clinch the AFC East. Miami is showing signs of life as the season winds down and they now have a very easy schedule ahead of them, facing The Jets and Titans before finishing up the season against The Pats.

The Pats have a more difficult road with Tampa Bay on Saturday, and then The Jets before facing Miami. Lets hope for some nice cold weather on Saturday and some very loud voices from the lucky people who have tickets to the game.

At this point, a Pats win or a Miami loss clinches it for The Patriots. Personally, I can live without the 'drama' of the AFC East potentially coming down to the final game of the season vs. Miami. Let's just take care of business and get it done on Saturday against Tampa. If things turn out right, there'll be free hats and t-shirts at the end.



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