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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Which is better, 3rd or 4th seed?

All kinds of thoughts about the upcoming Pats game and wether the 3rd seed is better than the 4th seed...

I'm going to the game Sunday and want to see a win, but I won't mind if Belichick only has the starters in for the 1st quarter or so. I don't expect Belichick to play to lose, but if he only puts Brady and the rest of the starters in to keep them sharp, then pulls them once they've had a few quality drives, I'm fine with that. Treat it like a pre-season game. There's no bye week for these guys so this game should be used to keep guys from getting stale and then allow them to rest and avoid injury.

Nobody knows better than The Pats that the playoffs are a whole new realm of football. Take this week to catch your breath before it starts.

I have a feeling Cincy is not going to put up too much of a fight vs. K.C., meaning Pittsburgh cannot let up and make a mistake against a weak team in Detroit. No rest for Pittsburgh this weekend. They've got to clinch that playoff spot on their own. Cincy is not going to be much help.

My gut tells me The Pats get the #3 seed this weekend, without even trying too hard. Then again, Miami's new Head Coach, Lou Saban, will want to finish out his 1st season on a winning note and beating his Division Rival and the Defending Superbowl Champs would be a nice way to close out the season with a winning record. He may pull out all the stops for this one...

So with all that going on, the possibility for a playoff game vs Jacksonville still is there for The Pats. And how about Jacksonville? Is anybody getting more disrespected than these guys? Nobody in the press or in the NFL fan-base is giving them a chance. They are being looked at as an easy victory and are not even being considered when people think about teams moving to the next round. In the case of the Pats, people are talking like they don't even have to play Jacksonville. They are an afterthought before the game has even been played. People have been talking about a re-match with The Colts for 2 weeks. Pats fans should know, don't disrespect an opponent. It can come back to bite you.

So who is it better to face in the playoffs, Jacksonville or Pittsburgh? I still feel that we have a better chance of beating Jax, just based on their situation: warm weather team, QB returning from an injury and could be rusty, weak schedule... It certainly sounds more favorable than playing a more game-tested, cold weather team that is already familiar with the Pats in Pittsburgh.

If it happens that we end up playing against Pittsburgh in the 1st round, let me just say that while I think Pitt may be tougher than Jax, I still feel that we can win against The Steelers. I certainly am not afraid of playing Pittsburgh, and if we do have to play them, at least it will be on our own turf, not that horrible, injury inducing surface at obnoxious Heinz field.

The possibilities swirl...

The bottom line is that whatever happens, I will just be happy to be at the game this Sunday. I have no doubt The Pats will play to win. Like Belichick says, you can't control what's going to happen in the playoffs. Always play to win, and then take it from there.

My tickets for the game are way up high at The Razor. I'm not in the last row at the top of the stadium, but I'm pretty damn close. Doesn't matter. I'm going to be there. Temps are predicted to be in the 40s and it should be a good day for football.

Tailgate prep starts later in the week.



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Ooh, I'm jealous BW! ;)
It's a good time, though. Have you been to the razor yet?

This will only be my second visit to the new stadium. (Though I went to a few games at old Foxboro stadium too.) I'm really looking forward to it. I don't get to go to a lot of games (as you know from my bitching about it on this site, ha ha) so I am very excited!

Oddly enough, the last time I was at a game in person it was to see The Pats play the Fish as well. I was at the famous 'Snow Fireworks' game in '03. That was good thinking of me to start throwing all that snow around after Tedy got the interception eh? :)

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