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Sunday, January 15, 2006

10 -1

The Patriots seem to have a trend of setting incredible NFL records and then quickly ending the record setting run soon there-after. Unfortunately, that trend continued Saturday. After setting a record for consecutive post-season wins last week... well, we know what happened.

This Patriots loss is tough, very tough to take. The Pats had a great season this year and overcame many difficult obstacles. Getting into the divisional round of the playoffs is an impressive accomplishment after everything the Pats faced this season. Unfortunately, that is very small consolation for me at this moment. The fact that The Pats did this to themselves and gave the game away with 5 turnovers only makes things worse.

Off we go into the offseason. Sign Seymour ASAP and start looking into potential defensive coordinators in case we lose Mangini to The Jets. I expect The Pats will be evaluating the offensive coordinator possibilities as well.

As for the rest of the NFL playoffs? Go Seahawks. Yeah, I know they will probably not win against the eventual AFC opponent, but I cannot root for any of the AFC contenders. If it were a team like The Chargers, or even K.C., I could have gotten behind them, but I can't root for Denver, Pittsburgh or Indy. I despise all three of those teams.

I suppose everyone's NFL wet dream will finally come true this year and pretty boy Peyton will finally get his ring. Is that bitterness I hear? Yes my friends it is... Nobody's perfect.

Fucking Denver. Dammit.

Even though the end of The Patriots season did not turn out the way I wanted, I am still proud of our team. We will be back next year and we will continue to be a contender. Count on it. But right now... Fuck. This sucks.



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sorry, my friend, the pats don't even make the playoffs next year.

Damn montlake, you can see the future? Awesome! Hey, what's this week's powerball numbers?

the pats better get a wildcard if they want to make the playoffs next year because they sure as hell as not going to win the division. The dolphins are going to improve from 9-7 to 13-3 just like the seahawks did this year.

"Pretty Boy" and "Peyton" in the same sentence? Maybe in some alternate nerd universe.

Anyway, glad to hear a Patsy fan not blaming the refs for the loss to Denver.

I expect to see more competition in the AFC East next year, particularly from the Dolphins, but like it or not, The Pats will still be right in the mix.

Mr. X, although I think that pass interference call was crap, that was not the reason the Pats lost the game. Denver scored all but 3 of their points as a direct result of turnovers. The Pats have no one but themselves to blame for this one, unfortunately.

Apparently some dumb-ass in Buffalo linked to this post without even bothering to actually read it.

If you're here from that site, feel free to let me know where you see me talking about the NFL being fixed or if you see me blaming anybody other than The Pats for their loss in Denver...

Actually, I read the post...more than once. That's the way it sonded to me when you said "everyone's wet dream", by that I incorectly assumed you meant the NFL as well. My apologies that I misread your intent.

No real need to get hostile.

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