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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bitchy body...

5:30 AM:

Body: Oh my god. DUDE. What the fuck?? What fucking time is it?

Brain: Time to wake up fatty.

Body: Oh for cryin' out loud... The sun's not even up yet!

Brain: Technically it is.

Body: Grumble... now what the devil? What are you doing now you effin tool?

Brain: Stretching.

Body: Why? We never stretch when we walk.

Brain: We're done with the walkin' vag-boy. We are running now.

Body: WHAT??

Brain: Just shut up will ya? Jeez you're a pain in the ass.

Body: Oh my god dude, you suck!

Brain: You are flabby, you are weak. I am sick of what I see in the mirror. Deal.

Body: What do you care? You're married, you've got 2 kids and another one on the way. Dude, you are done impressing chicks so flab-out. Who cares??

Brain: Me

Body: Well for chris-sakes, can we at least get some tunes for this torture?

Brain: iPod's still in the shop. Believe me, I'd love to drown you out with some Maiden right now. Just pick em up and put em down Pizzaria Uno boy.


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Hahaha - you are a better man then I!

Thanks for the support! I think i went thorough (almost) the same dialogue this morning before doing some yoga!

Oh, and GO PATS!!!!

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