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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dealing with the loss of Patriots Football...

It's a hollow feeling, knowing that The Pats are not going to be playing football this Sunday. Still, with a drawer full of Superbowl Championship t-shirts, I feel that I can't bitch about it too much.

In dealing with the end of The Pats season, I've been through several phases and now I am almost whole again.

Late Saturday night:
Accept reality of loss - "Holy fuck did that ever suck!"

All day Sunday:
Experience and bear the pain or grief - "I'm in a bad mood today. Don't bother me."

Mon - Tue:
Adjust to a world in which the Patriots Season is over - (sigh)

Withdraw and reinvest emotional energy - "All you people who think The Pats run is over can kiss my ass. We'll be back next year!"



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